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Zestaw aluminiowy anodowany prowadnicy

240,00  (195,12  netto)

240,00  (195,12  netto)Dodaj do koszyka

Aluminum anodized guide that has no analogues.
Designed to work with polymer linear bearings.
Under the spring, the guide is milled for convenient fixation of the stone in the clamp during operation.
Red rubber bands are installed on the handle for easy operation with the hand and fingers.
It is not suitable for working with metal sliding bearings , as well as linear ball bearings.

The kit includes :
Aluminum anodized guide with handle – 1 piece.
Rubber restrictive red rings – 2 pieces.
Stone clips – 1 set.
Stand for the protractor-1 piece.
Spring – 1 piece.

Długość prowadnicy 650 mm
Średnica 8 mm
Całkowita waga 158 gramów


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240,00  (195,12  netto)Dodaj do koszyka