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About company

The company and the production department of Kazak Poland have been in existence since 2014. Created by the Ukrainian engineer Valery in 2014. The first steps in product development began in Ukraine in 2014, later production moved to Poland (EU). For such a short period of time, sharpening devices of the brand “Kazak Poland” have confidently occupied their niche among similar devices. The close-knit team of the workshop does not stop there, constantly improving the quality and improving the design of all Kazak products.
The convenience and quality of the Kazak sharpening system’s and coffee devices were highly appreciated by users around the world in the truest sense of the word. The company has managed to find partners in 5 years. The customer can officially buy and receive technical support and service for Kazak devices in such countries as the USA, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria. The online store is always available online.